The rotating triangle in Trigon is the pivoting center of this exciting action game! You control the action – simply match the color to the descending lines before they touch the triangle. 

Sound easy? It is when you begin, but the speed increases as you rack up points and you'll need to act fast and stay sharp to keep playing. 

Watch the tip of the triangle burst through the descending colored lines and turn them into a cloud of colored dust as you hone your color recognition skills while training your reactions and racking up points. 

Trigon will keep you coming back to beat your own score. 

Easy to learn and great training for all ages. 

Trigon offers endless hours of fun and helps you stay on point in more ways than one. 

- Original sounds and soundtrack 
- Fresh, bright graphics 
- Sharpen your reflexes while having fun 
- Intuitive play 
- Ideal for kids, but suitable for all ages 

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